Free E-Book: An Engineers Guide to Selecting a Check Valve

To help all those involved in fluidic applications, The Lee Company has produced a new e-book entitled: An Engineer’s Guide to Selecting a Check Valve. This informative and engaging e-book, which is free to download via the link at the foot of this blog, provides an essential guide to these critical components and how they are best applied.

Check valves, sometimes called one-way valves, ensure that fluids flow in a predetermined direction while simultaneously preventing the occurrence of any back flow or reverse flow. During the design of a fluidic system that needs a check valve, it’s essential to select one that will function reliably and precisely. As many will be aware, many critical applications cannot tolerate any back flow, as even the slightest amount could negatively impact your system’s performance and possibly cause damage to upstream components that the check valve should otherwise protect. Understanding the various considerations when choosing a check valve is thus paramount in order to make sure your system performs as intended.

Written by The Lee Company’s expert team of engineers, our latest e-book outlines a host of important selection factors that you should scrutinise when assessing check valves. This comprehensive 16-page digital publication sets out the purpose of check valves, their functions and configurations, as well as their critical performance characteristics. The e-book also focuses on the environmental factors that impact the design of check valves, their performance trade-offs and design challenges, and their possible failure modes.

In addition, our Engineer’s Guide to Selecting a Check Valve carries a section on unique industry requirements for these important fluidic system components. Numerous industry associations offer recommendations or requirements for the validation and verification of check valve performance to ensure safety within a specific system. Compliance with these specifications is normally required by governing bodies and passed down to suppliers of systems and components. As a result, when selecting a check valve, you must ensure it meets the appropriate standards for the application.

Renowned globally for superior quality, performance and reliability, The Lee Company offers a comprehensive portfolio of check valves designed to be the most compact and reliable available. Our check valves are currently operating far beneath the Earth’s surface in oil exploration tools, and high above it within rocket and satellite propulsion systems. You will also find our check valves in cars and aircraft around the world.

Created by engineers, for engineers, get your copy of our free check valve selection e-book by clicking on this link.

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