Fact-checking the latest miniature valve technology

Finding both high-flow and high-pressure capability in compact ball-style check valves has long been an issue for fluid system designers. But search no more. Thanks to the new family of HFS (High Flow Slotted) LeeCheck® check valves from The Lee Company, the complete flow and pressure requirements for a host of important fluid systems can now be met. Not only do our HFS LeeChek® valves offer three times more flow capacity than similar ball-style check valves, they’re also rated for system pressures up to 5,000 psi (344 bar). All in a significantly smaller package.

HFS LeeChek® valves are useful in any application where high flow, small size and light weight are primary factors. Sectors that will find these innovative miniature valves particularly useful are set to include aerospace (hydraulic pumps, fuel pumps, engine lubrication systems, air-bleed systems, flight control actuators, landing gear, braking systems), oil and gas (downhole oil drilling equipment, subsea systems, completion equipment) and motorsport (fuel control systems).

As you’ve already learnt, HFS LeeChek® valves differentiate from comparable products in terms of capability and size. But the distinction does not end there. These advanced valves also provide the choice of either axial or side exit flow, as well as a shorter length when compared with other high-pressure designs. In addition, we’ve incorporated our proprietary controlled-expansion locking end for easy installation without the need for seals and threads.

To provide that all-important peace-of-mind when it comes to designing systems for safety-critical sectors, HFS LeeChek® valves feature complete stainless-steel construction, so durability and long life are assured. The valves are available in 0.156” (4mm), 0.187” (4.75mm) and 0.25” (6.35mm) diameter models to suit all common applications for miniature valves, with ultra-low weights of 0.7, 2 and 4g respectively. Rated flows are up to 15 gpm (56 lpm).

As a final point of note, every single LeeChek® valve is 100% tested and inspected to ensure reliable, consistent performance with the operational longevity that has come to be expected of solutions from The Lee Company.

To discover more about our new range of HFS LeeChek® miniature valves and how they can benefit your project, please get in touch.

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