How to Select a Pressure Relief Valve: Free E-Book Available

As any engineer who’s had to specify a pressure relief valve will tell you, there’s a lot to consider. But rest easy, here at The Lee Company we’re ahead of the game. Our team of expert engineers has created a new e-book entitled ‘An Engineer’s Guide to Selecting a Pressure Relief Valve’. The free-to-download publication allays any previously held anxieties associated with this often daunting task, such as correctly identifying critical performance characteristics, understanding potential failure modes and getting to grips with any environmental factors.

We consider our latest e-book as the go-to resource for any engineer designing a fluidic system that requires pressure regulation or protection against pressure increases.

Of course, pressure relief valves can serve several different functions within a system, with their performance requirements influenced accordingly. Selecting a valve appropriate for your application is critical to ensure the system operates properly. The function of a pressure relief valve generally falls into one of three categories: safety relief valves, pressure regulating relief valves and thermal relief valves. Our new 17-page e-book sets out the selection criteria for each.

Further sections of this enlightening guide focus on the function and configuration of pressure relief valves, as well as their critical performance characteristics, which include system pressure, cracking pressure, flow rate, reseat or shut-off pressure, and leakage, among others.

In addition, the new e-book scrutinises the performance trade-offs, design challenges and potential failure modes of pressure relief valves, along with the environmental factors that impact their design. Environmental considerations can include operating fluid, operating life, temperature, external pressures, vibration, shock, G-forces, cleanliness and pump/system flow capacity.

Renowned worldwide for the highest quality and performance, our pressure relief valves are the smallest and most reliable on the market. These valves are currently active in everything from oil exploration tools, to rocket and satellite systems. You’ll also find our pressure relief valves in the automotive and aerospace industries, while further applications include hydraulic equipment for the construction and agriculture sectors, as well as medical devices and scientific instruments.

Created by engineers, for engineers, click on this link to get your free copy of our pressure relief valve selection guide.

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