It's Time to Change 'Xover': A New Take on Valves for Sample Switching

For those of you creating solutions for life science and analytical applications, there is now a quick and efficient way to switch between samples, reagents, cleaning solutions or calibrants. Here at The Lee Company we are proud to introduce Xover™, our ground-breaking internal pinch-tube solenoid valve for electro-fluidic systems that enables efficient switching to improve sample throughput while simultaneously reducing system volume and fluid consumption.

Offering unrivalled reliability and an exceptionally low carryover volume of just 3.7 μL, our low power consumption (2.1 W) Xover™ valve can switch states in less than 40 ms to provide responsive fluidic performance in any system.

Featuring a Y-shaped elastomer tube in a three-way configuration, we have created a solution that combines the maintenance-free performance of a versatile, chemically inert isolation valve with the flow path of a pinch valve. We are particularly keen to point out that the pinch tube also allows for single-plane flow through the Xover™ valve, maintaining laminar fluid flow.

Offering easy flush capability, our innovative solenoid valve delivers fast, efficient fluidic performance at an economical price point, literally providing a new dawn in sample switching technology. Notably, Xover™ has an op­erating pressure range from vacuum to 30 psig, making it perfectly suited to all of your flow cytometry, gene sequencing, drug discovery, in vitro diagnostics, urinalysis, haematology and microbi­ology applications.

With an internal volume of just 11 μL, Xover™ connects to standard ¼-28 flat-bottom tubing assemblies, or we can configure the ports to meet your specific requirements. Mount­ing holes provide easy integration, while an electrical connector with secondary retention promotes improved system reliability. End users can expect a minimum operating lifetime of 5 million cycles.

Manufactured from durable materials using the latest manufacturing techniques, every one of our Xover™ solenoid valves is subject to full tests for functional performance. We can of course further optimise the valve’s performance characteristics to meet the requirements of any application where low internal volume, zero dead volume and chemically inert wetted materials are critical requirements. Put simply, flow selection has never been easier.

The valve is available in 12 and 24 VDC versions, with both offering a flow resistance of 4500 Lohms (38 ml/min minimum at 5 psid). We also offer convenient starter kits complete with valve, tubing assemblies, panel mounting hardware and lead wire.

To discover more about our Xover™ internal pinch-tube solenoid valve and how it can benefit your project, please get in touch.

Download PDF datasheet (1.3MB)

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