Miniature dispensing valve administers speed and precision

Here at The Lee Company we’re keen to let you know about the next evolution in high-speed, high-precision dispensing of nanolitre volumes. Our VHS 2-way dispensing valves for micro fluidics offer ultra-fast response times in a host of demanding applications, including drug discovery, molecular diagnostics, high-throughput screening, human genomics, bio-printing, semiconductor manufacturing and general industrial dispensing, to list but a few.

The common denominator among these applications is the persistent trend towards developing smaller systems using lower volume chemistry, which in turn is driving many of the design engineers among you to devise entirely new dispensing methods. Of course, the real challenge here is dispensing precise droplet volumes at high delivery frequencies. To develop a perfect process, the latest systems for dispensing applications must offer repeatable, jetted, spherical micro-droplets.

This is where our VHS solenoid valves come in, offering state-of-the-art dispensing performance in a miniature package. And when we say miniature, we mean miniature. Not only does the VHS valve offer low internal volume and a diameter of less than 6mm, but it weighs just 1.8g.

For the life science sector in particular, the expert design and development team here at The Lee Company has worked hard to ensure the valve combines the best of printing technology with inert materials to offer droplet-on-demand performance.  

Response times as fast as 250 μs make it possible to generate droplets as small as 10 nanolitres at a frequency as high as 1 kHz. This high-speed operation also enables our VHS series to accurately meter and regulate fluid flow.

To provide easy integration into both new and existing dispensing systems, we can offer the valve with integrated precision orifices or MINSTAC® threads to include a dispense nozzle.

All of the features and functions set out in this blog work in unison to make this innovative valve ideal wherever there is a need for quick and precise dispensing of reagents into microtiter plates, live cells or multiplexing arrays. A multitude of high-technology industrial dispensing applications - using water, alcohol or oils - can also benefit.

As always, we can confirm that our VHS valve is 100% functionally tested for performance and designed with materials that will ensure consistent, long-term operation (rated for 250 million cycles). Available in different mounting styles and material options, we are always happy to further optimise performance characteristics and meet your specific application requirements.

To discover more about our VHS series of high-speed, high-precision dispensing valves and how they can benefit your project, please get in touch.

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