New multi orifice restrictor is an ace in the hole

Achieving high-performance flow metering under harsh down-hole conditions is an extremely challenging task. High flow rates, large pressure drops and threats from contamination and corrosion mean that the success of miniature fluid control systems is very much reliant upon the quality of restrictor selected. With these thoughts in mind, our expert engineering team here at The Lee Company has created a new standard line of NACE-compliant 250 H Bender Jets®. We think anyone tasked with delivering reliable flow metering in drilling, setting or completion tools, will be impressed.

Featuring a 0.250" (6.35mm) diameter, every part of these multi-orifice restrictors – locking end, pin, metering element, body and screen – is manufactured from MP35N, an advanced nickel-cobalt based alloy. Notably, full compliance with NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 means our 250 H Bender Jets® offer exceptional corrosion resistance and performance for harsh-duty down-hole applications in the oil and gas industry.

In terms of product differentiation, our in-house design know-how has led to the creation of a unique metering element that sets three orifices in series. This innovative concept serves to lower fluid velocities and reduce the potential for cavitation that results from low downstream pressure.

We’re also pleased to report that our multi-orifice design offers a 40% increase in minimum passage size over a comparable single-orifice restrictor, providing increased resistance to contamination. This capability brings added reliability to an application area where contamination control is vital. After all, there will always be particles of dirt, metal or lint in any hydraulic system, even after cleaning and filtering.

With the ability to dampen pressure spikes, our 250 H Bender Jets® carry a maximum working pressure differential of 5000 psi (344 bar). Two integral safety screens serve to protect the new multi-orifice restrictors, thus supporting bidirectional flow capability. Additionally, all Bender Jets® are 100% flow tested to provide accurate, consistent performance. Our new restrictor is available in 17 standard Lohm rates (from 600 to 1800, within ±5%), while special flow resistance values are available on request.

To discover more about Lee 250 H Bender Jets® and how they can benefit your project, please get in touch.

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