Precision fluid control products – just what the doctor ordered

Quality, performance and reliability are prerequisites when it comes to selecting automated fluid-handling solutions for medical and scientific instruments. Here at the Lee Company, we know all about the demands of sectors such as in-vitro diagnostics, respiratory care, laboratory science, drug discovery and environmental analysis. Indeed, ever since our formation in 1948 we’ve been busy pioneering miniature fluid control products capable of meeting the needs of instrument design engineers and developers the world over.

Our valves, pumps and associated fluid-handling products can be found functioning in applications worldwide, with end users leveraging our capabilities in miniaturisation and engineering expertise to fulfil their fluid-flow technology requirements.

Via our international network of qualified and experienced sale engineers, we can provide control, dispense and isolation type solenoid valves, as well as variable and fixed volume dispense pumps, alongside nozzles, inert tubing and manifold assembly technology, bringing performance and reliability to this vital area of industry.

By way of example, our solenoid valves for applications such as oxygen delivery and respiration therapy are purpose-designed to provide high flow, low power consumption and low leakage over many millions of operating cycles. Attributes across our portfolio of 2-way and 3-way solenoid valves include fast response times and the availability of multiple seal materials.

Our dispense pumps are also ideal for the medical and scientific instrument industries, delivering greater design flexibility through compact dimensions and a lighter total weight.

Variable-volume dispense pumps from the Lee Company are maintenance-free and come in both standard and high-performance models, while our series of fixed-volume dispense pumps are chemically inert, self-priming and offer low power consumption. Both variants provide high accuracy and repeatability, and are offered in a range of dispense volumes.

To discover more about our comprehensive series of fluid-handling solutions for medical and scientific instruments, please get in touch.

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