Sample analysis gets a ‘small’ boost in fluidic applications

Designers of systems for sectors such as analytical chemistry, clinical/vitro diagnostics, human genomics, biotechnology and environmental analysis face many challenges. We know this through our regular dialogues with customers and the dedication that we apply to aiding accurate, reliable sample analysis in fluidic applications.

Here at the Lee Company we’re aware that several factors must be considered when selecting a chemically inert solenoid valve – factors which extend far beyond just fluid compatibility. For example, the challenge of increasing reliability and performance, while reducing the overall size and weight of a sample analysis instrument, can be a daunting task without the right component solutions.

With these thoughts in mind we’ve set about creating our LFN series micro solenoid valve. This chemically inert, isolation style valve features an extremely low internal volume (9 μL) that has been designed to deliver high performance and dependability in a compact package weighing less than 6 grams – essentially fulfilling all the principal requirements demanded by OEMs producing instruments for fluidic applications.

Available in a 2-way, normally closed design, the valve contains a diaphragm seal that isolates the fluid from its internal features, providing consistent switching performance in the smallest possible footprint.

And we have more good news for you. Our flange-mounted LFN micro inert solenoid valve is not only the most compact in its class, it also features an internal passageway design with excellent flushing characteristics. This design, along with with zero dead volume and extremely low internal volume, minimises carryover between cycles and improves the results of each sample analysis, making it the perfect choice for any sample analysis application.

Offering low power consumption for reduced TCO (total cost of ownership), our LFN series valves are 100% functionally tested for performance and designed with materials that ensure consistent operation over a long working life.

Different elastomers such as EPDM and FKM are offered for compatibility with a wide range of fluids. It is also important for us to point out that performance characteristics can be optimised to meet your specific application requirements.

To discover more about our LFN series micro inert solenoid valve and how it can benefit your project, please get in touch.

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