LGV Series Solenoid Valve

The Lee Company is excited to announce a new generation of versatile and innovative 3-port solenoid valves.

In a miniature 10mm package, the genvi™ solenoid valve platform features high flow capacity, low leakage and ultra-low power consumption. Designed using innovative manufacturing techniques, this new valve offers not only unmatched reliability, but also an economical price point suitable for molecular diagnostics, respiratory therapy, compression therapy, environmental monitors, breath analysers and other applications where performance and reliability are paramount.

With a flow capability up to 40 LPM at 15 psig, and power as low as 318 mW, the LGV Series valves were designed to optimize system performance. An extremely tight leakage rating reduces compressor demand and further underscores the valve’s ability to provide consistent long-term operation across an extensive cycle life. Performance characteristics can be further optimized to meet specific application requirements.

3-Port Face Mount Valve

The LGV Series, genvi™ solenoid valves are 3-port control valves used to flow air and compatible gases in applications requiring high flow, low power and low leakage.

3-Port Face Mount

Face Mount

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