LPV Series Variable Volume Pumps

The LPV Series variable volume dispense pumps are stepper motor driven, positive displacement pumps that feature unparalleled reliability and performance. Their size, weight and maintenance free design allows for the pumps to be positioned where the fluidic requirements dictate, regardless of accessibility. This series of pumps offers specialized configurations, including manifold mounted and flushable dual seal designs. LPV Series pumps are available in standard NEMA 17 and “stacked can” motors where size and weight are critical design requirements.

All Lee variable volume dispense pumps are offered in standard and high performance models. The high performance models include a home sensor and encoder for more demanding applications. These pumps are generally used in medical and scientific applications in markets such as in vitro diagnostics, human genomics, biotechnology and analytical chemistry. The following general performance characteristics are offered in this product platform: 

  • Maintenance Free Design
  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Self-Priming
  • Wide Range of Dispense Volumes
  • High Dispense Accuracy and Precision 


Each pump is 100% functionally tested for performance and designed using materials that ensure consistent long-term performance. Lee Products can customise the performance of a pump to meet specific application requirements.