Solenoid Valves

The Lee Company offers many miniature flow control components other than the standard products described on this website. In fact, approximately 50% of all Lee products are special or custom items designed to meet the requirements of a specific application. The majority of these special products are minor variations of standard products and may differ only slightly in: lohm rate, cracking pressure, leakage, flow testing, materials, etc..

The remainder are uniquely different from the “standards” described in this handbook and include the following:

  • Threaded HI-BAR® Lee Plugs
  • Air assisted atomizing nozzles
  • Gas turbine engine fuel nozzles
  • Transmission/gearbox lubrication nozzles
  • Eductors or “jet pumps”
  • Higher temperature and higher flow relief and check valves
  • Zero-leak relief valves
  • Bypass valves
  • Flow fuses and vapor vent valves
  • Mechanically actuated and indicating valves
  • Absolute upstream pressure regulators (pneumatic)
  • HI-BAR safety screens of almost any configuration
  • Higher temperature and higher flow solenoid valves


Policy for specially fabricated parts

The Lee Company offers a wide range of standard products to help designers find the right solutions to their problems. Should your requirements fall beyond what is listed on this website, we will be pleased to work with you and develop a custom design that meets your exact application specifications as we have the capability to design and manufacture variations to the products listed on this website on a prototype basis or for future production.

In this case, we assign a special part number to the design and the subsequent purchase of this part number would be in accordance with the originators requirements. In some cases, a non-recurring charge may be necessary to partially offset the costs of design, manufacturing, testing or tooling. Our policy for specially designed products is that the design will be the sole property of the Lee Company, without exception.